Music Genres List

  • Blues
  • Classical
  • Country
  • Easy Listening
  • Electronic
  • Folk
    • Contemporary
    • Traditional
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Metal
  • Other
    • Avant-garde and Experimental
    • Ballroom Dance
    • Children’s Music
    • Dance Music
    • Marches Bands
    • Military Music
    • National Anthems
    • Video Game Music
  • Pop
  • Punk
  • R&B and Soul
  • Religious
    • Buddhist Music
    • Christian Music
    • Hymn
    • Liturgical Music
  • Rock
  • World
    • African
    • Asian
    • Caribbean
    • Latin

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Got Something for Music Genres List?

Note that this music genre list is incomplete and will probably never be. These pages give you an idea of the variety and depth of genres available and perhaps inspire you to learn more about some. The definition of genres and subgenres is very loose in popular music, especially considering that most artists don’t stick to one style or sound throughout their careers.

None of these lists are perfect, and they may not be wholly inclusive.

There are several things to consider when looking at these lists.

  • None of these lists are perfect, and they may not be wholly inclusive. While I did my best to include representation from the broadest spectrum possible, some genres that should be on this list have been left off (this is especially true for metal).

  • The list may not be exhaustive; please tell me if you think something is missing! If I’m missing an influential artist or album that belongs here, let me know!

  • The list may not be entirely accurate: artists can change their sound over time and create music that doesn’t fit neatly into one particular genre. This can make it difficult to pin down their style exactly, but there’s plenty more room for growth in certain areas!

Last Thing before Browsing Music Genres

We hope you enjoyed this music genres list, and feel free to use it as a starting point for your musical adventures. Eventually, though, the best way to discover new music is still by listening to what others are listening to. So go out, spread some tunes around, and set the world ablaze with your passion! And if you don’t see a music genre, subgenre, or fusion, please don’t forget to suggest a genre! We’d love to hear your suggestion! Many thanks!

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