What’s Your Genre Suggestion?

Please let us know if you couldn’t find genres, subgenres, fusion genres, styles, types, or anything here!  Also, if you see genres or anything that does not sound right or needs some corrections or move a subgenre to the correct genre.

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We don’t describe each genre, subgenre, style, type, etc.  We only compile a master list of genres, subgenres, styles, types.  We want to keep the list cleaned, organized, and straightforward.  We would appreciate it if you provided us with the source where you found it, and we will put it in a footnote and give credit to the head.  Some people want to check out the footnotes for further research, and they will always appreciate your link.   If you got the source, please provide the link to the original like Wikipedia – Please also let us know.  Your support is truly appreciated! 

We only compile a master list of genres!